Count Your Blessings – Adventures in Odyssey Gives Thanks

I went ahead and purchased a year subscription to the Odyssey Adventure Club, I have been able to gain access to all the episodes Adventures in Odyssey. In light of this I will list the top 6 Adventures In Odyssey episodes about thankfulness in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday that is coming up. So without further ado, let’s start the countdown.



6. “Thanksgiving at Home” (Episode 132)

Things are not well in the Barclay household on Thanksgiving morning for Mr. and Mrs. Barclay are sick in bed. Donna and Jimmy take upon themselves to make preparations for their Thanksgiving feast with hilarious results. While it spends most of the time with Donna and Jimmy as they attempt to salvage their Thanksgiving, in end they come to realize how thankful they are for their mom and dad in light of their absence.



5. “A Thanksgiving Carol” (Episode 173)

In an effort to educate people about the significance of the Thanksgiving holiday, Whit and the gang perform a KYDS Radio program entitled “A Thanksgiving Carol” inspired by (you guessed it) Charles Dicken’s classic novel A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Stooge has a cold heart towards everyone, even to his overworked clerk Bob Wretched. It takes the haunting of his late partner Jacob Arley and Terrance Clodbody the ghost of Thanksgiving past, present and future (only one ghost..budget cuts you know) to get him back into the spirit of Thanksgiving. This parody is on par with the others that AiO has done over the years and again is able to demonstrate the importance of thankfulness.



4. “BTV: Thanks” (Episode 383)

Just like “BTV: Compassion” which I mentioned in this post “BTV: Thanks” uses a collection of sketches that illustrate the topic of thankfulness. Among these sketches they tell the story of how one the 10 lepers that were Jesus healed came back to thank him as well the story of King David’s demonstration of thankfulness at the return of the Ark of the Covenant. It is a great anthology of stories that can be humorous as well as meaningful.



3. “A Thankstaking Story” (Episode 675)

The most recent episode on this list and it’s another parody like “A Thanksgiving Carol,” only this time “A Thankstaking Story” is a parody of Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas although it also has some inspiration from the Rankin & Bass Christmas specials too. Whit, Connie, Eugene, Wooton, Jay and his Uncle Wally are stuck in Whit’s End on Thanksgiving day due to heavy snow. In order to pass the time, they decide to make up a story about a grump named Srunch and his plans to ruin Thanksgiving for the Muglues. Once again it is a great parody and it much like the story it is parodying it demonstrates how Thanksgiving doesn’t come from a store.



2. “Thank You, God” (Episode 49)

This was the very first Thanksgiving episode that just so happens to tell the story of how Whit accepted Christ. Whit decides to hold Thanksgiving dinner at Whit’s End and has invited Connie Kendall and her mother June along Tom Riley and with his wife Agnes. The Rileys have brought a boy named Rodney who has been staying with them due to family difficulties. When asked what he was thankful for, Rodney expresses that he finds little to be thankful for since his father’s work keeps from spending the holiday with him. In light of this Whit decides to express his thankfulness for his step mother Fionna Donneral who eventually lead him to the Lord.



1.”In All Things Give Thanks” (Episode 41)

While this episode does not take place on Thanksgiving like the others did, it still demonstrates the importance thankfulness especially when life throws a curve ball. Everyone in the Mulligan family is having trouble from angry neighbors, to demeaning teachers and ill-tempered school bullies. But as the Mulligans learn from 1 Thessalonians 5:18, they are to give thanks in the midst of all circumstances whether good or bad because God is the one who ultimately in control and He works all things for good. This episode gives a practical application of thankfulness in everyday life, showing that giving thanks is not limited to just one day a year.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading list and I will see you all next time!


One thought on “Count Your Blessings – Adventures in Odyssey Gives Thanks

  1. Thanks for the list! I don’t think I have heard four of them. I will definitely listen to them this week! Thanksgiving at Home was my favorite! So hilarious! My siblings and I listened to that last Thanksgiving day. So much fun!

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